Tuesday, August 27, 2013



it has been a long time i did not touch the keyboard for blogging purpose.

i even missed count the last time i ever post an entry. quite a lot dat i missed!

fast flash back: i'd worked in a call centre-> quit job -> focus on master -> now a part time teacher and still continuing to finish up my master degree. wish me all is well!

Breaking News: in only less than 2 weeks, i'll becoming a wife to somebody.

later after the special event, i'll surely post some pics for our memories.

quite hectic although my master classes is currently under semester break. i was bz preparing the wedding event.

can't even imagine how to explain but it is really hectic! maybe it's because we renovate our house and a lot of cleaning and arranging has been done in spite of handling the wedding itself.

ok out of idea.


ps: happy belated birthday ayah! *26 aug 2013*

pss: below is some sneak peak of our wedding invitation and bunting!