Monday, March 16, 2009

A Special thanx to my beLovEd....


well, dats de name i used to call him since i can speak..
i dunno how to to let u noe dat i really adore this man..
from him, i learn how to survive.. i explore bout to be a better human being..

i remember when..we were in our vacation in kuching,sarawak..we stop by at a place i dun remember whats de name of dat place, to shoppin
g..a tour guide drove us there..after we had spent out our money, we saw the tour guide drove the van like he want to left us had ran over to make the tour guide stop.

But actually, the tour guide was only want to make a u turn so dat he could fetch us easily..we all laugh at my dad heavily but at dat time i noe how much my father care about us..and how he responsible in every situation..

i learnt how to be a responsible person at any ime, anywhere and any moment.i'm sorry if my english is not as good as my frens..i am still trying hard to fix my broken english..wanna see MY BELOVED HERO?? here he is...

LoOkiNg FoR sOmEtHiNg, dad?

ThiS iS mY biG fAmiLy

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