Friday, April 10, 2009

i'm starting to work!!!!

Not many people noe dat i was born to be a "Techno lovers"....coz my life rite now is full with technologies n im eager into it!

so as im waiting to further my study in UiTM, i did search for a couple of works to gain my income..and u noe wats de best work dat suits me??? its in de cyber cafe! all i need to do is just waiting 4 the customer, they pay for how long they want to play, n give them the time on pc..its simple! then i could browse the internet by rite now! hehehe...

dis is what i wanted bcoz i could nt easily surf the intenet at home..from now on i could keep in touch with my blog always!

P/S : ddi!! now u can read my blog huh..i added some... :D

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