Monday, April 13, 2009

WeDdiNg CereMonY in Dewan Tun Rahah

Last nite (11 april 2009), i went to a wedding ceremony in KL.its my dad's fren's daughter's ceremony.

Khairul Nizam and Nurul Hidayah

the groom is damnly hansome like mawi! well, he's somebody's r some picture i took but hey, i'm sorry i'm not a pro photographer k...

so thats how my nite end off....attending a formal ceremony which for people like me,gave head ache and stomach ache!(coz im damn hungry that time!! :p)
but smething new i get bout the souvenir! look at below picture...what dya think it is????

It's a Chocolate Bar!!!!that have bride n groom pic on it!!how creative they r!! i'm impresss...!!! n behind it is what malay call it as "Telur Pindang"

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