Friday, May 29, 2009

kEpeNatan yg MemBiULkaN.....ToiNg2~

sePerti yg tELah ku katekAN seMaLam....diRi iNi maHu ke AdidaS CLeaRanCe sTocK di DamaNsaRa...i did went to the Atria Shopping Centre..

but i never think of how many people will queueing there...hohoho horlick!

i woke up at 9am this morning..i bathe then i drove mum to hero to buy some stuff for her roti john...aftr that i ate nasi lemak dad had bought earlier n poof went to damansara jaya with was a rushing journey coz i hope that i could make it to help my brother selling the guava. but then.....when i reach the 2nd level of
atria shopping centre(dad waiting in the car..), i was so shock that the line was from north to south!

the shop was at north n i had to queue at the south...the line is sooooooo long....*sigh*...for about an hour i kept pretending im a patient girl, then at last, i did make my way into the shop....
my time there was just spent for queueing from entering till the end..the queue for cashier also are so dad got very mad coz he had to wait for so long...(bout 3 or 4 hours i think)...n he had to burn his jumat prayer...poor my dad..its all my im here now to apologize so so so so so sorry!!

well...look at the bright sight,for the things i bought,with a pair of sneakers(RM120), a sandal for my nephew(RM30) n 2 sets of socks(RM10) the total of my spent today is RM160..i think it worth are the things i bought..=)

i Think i am satisfied with what i got today...thanx dad!!! he's the one who help me a lot!!

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