Thursday, September 16, 2010

i don't want to be that girL

I don’t want to be that girl
The one who sits at home and cries
The one who thinks of him and sighs
The one who gets used
The one who’s abused
The one who’s seriously confused
I don’t want to be her
Her pain is great
The guy she loves is late
He has yet to figure out she’s the one
The one thats beauty far surpasses her looks
The girl you hear about in books
The one who holds him as her world
The girl who knows she doesn’t stand a chance
The one who risks it all at a dance
I want to be the one he loves
The one he cares for with all his being
The one he’s there for when she’s hurt
The one he would never treat like dirt
The one he knows could do so much better
Tho one when she’s cold he would give his sweater
The girl he couldn’t imagine his life without
The one he truly loves without a doubt
The girl he lets become his friend
The girl who stays with him to the end
The girl he would stay with through struggle and strive
The woman he would one day call his wife

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Amni said...

jadi perempuan ni perlu kuat kan? nice poem.. poem ke? ke lirik lagu? hehe...

cik_salmah said... mmg poemm..huusye amik kt url;) menarik kan...mcm btol2 mnjiwai diri kite..

Azura Ani Salaim said...

nice poem, share boleh? hehehe!

ciK_SaLmaH said...

azura: boleh2!