Sunday, April 8, 2012

once in a while..

yeah..suit the topic with the owner of this blog.

i rarely update this thing.sorry encik sughoi, saya ade bnyak benda duniawi dan ukhrawi yg perlu diselesaikan..huhu

just a flash update from me..

i pursue part time Master studies this semester..currently already in week 4!

Such a hectic schedule i have ever since i continue my study.

However, its all my own decision to continue this study, so no matter how regret i am, i still have to confront this...

Time keep on moving and so does life.

My everyday schedule filled with work, studies,work and studies err and facebooking?

so im truly sorry to u my dear blog as u always decorated by spider web all over you..

I'll make sure I'll hire a bibik to clean u up regularly ok!

no other update things should i put in here..

no love story..
no single story..
not yet..

just have to focus on my career first..

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dan said...

not yet. kununnn hahaha