Thursday, December 24, 2009

My WorLd

life becomes miserable when lots of barriers pops up. everybody will face it. including me.

so many types of barriers come..due to!!

y? why?? God makes all this for us?? y should we have it? why we cant have a happily ever after life like in the story...

There must b a reason..

god wants to tell us..

if people betray u..God never betray u

if u dont have money to live...God show u the way to preach..

if ur family didnt take a good care on u..He the one who care for u soo much..

im saying this to encourage the lost of lost..searching..searching for i dun noe what??

crying is just a way to relief everything..i need to b tough at the moment..

the moment i try to hold tight to sumone's arm..

but i cant.

hoping time will tell everything.

hoping hopes will cure the sorrow.

hoping life will begin without pain.

through out the new days of new year.

will i ever b strong enough to succeed?

will i cure the bleed in my broken pieces?


tangles together.

i rather die..i rather flew im off..into my world again.


seroja jingga said...

dun loose hope ieja..God is creating somthing better fr u

ieja said...

yes..i bare that in mind..thnx dear sis:)