Thursday, December 31, 2009

PisSeD ofF.

30DeC2009..WeDneSday..Mid Valley

the day i met my chatrooms was exciting but at one time..i felt a bit confuse with myself..i felt angry at my dad..i told him earlier that i want to spend the whole day with my frens.dem. he kept asking me to come back.calling n calling until i fed up. so i came home early. i dun hve enough time to watch my frens playing bowling.sigh.i was frustrated.dem really frustrated.coz its not easy to meet them! they came all the way from kuala trengganu just to gather with us!
room ganu 1 = room selangor 7....

hoping that the time we spent was enough to know each other n tighten our relationship. but i cant.i am really sorry guys!i hope we can meet more next come visit us often! we greet all of u with open arms:D >:D<

i dont want to write detail on what my thoughts are playing right now.its a sensitive issue. let just keep it to myself.

let me share an incident in the bus i face on my way back home.

when the bus arrive, its already full. every seat in the bus were occupied. so i just standing (eventhough my legs cramp already!). i looked around the seats existed.majority of them were guys! looked perfectly healthy plus they even took a sleep. i almost took a video of a man in there..he slept too well until he drops his mouth water(airliur..hahaha..btol ke aku ckp ni???hahahaha)

guys..where's ur manners?? there are some old folks standing in the bus. but nobody want to give a seat to them..poor malaysian people! where is the manners we trying to keep n care? where is the truly 1Malaysia that been provoke all over the nation? enough this all bullshit. 1Malaysia is like nothing..people still dont care bout each other. young people dont have respects towards adults. dats wat i think the first time i saw those situation.

turn back to me. i did felt angry to my dad. do i have the respects toward adults??
im speechless.. talk to myself. dont u dare trying to judge people before u see yourself first! im sitting my self on the stair in the bus. thats the only strategic place to clear my mind from crazy toughts. im into my world again. watching peoples. staring the moment which i dunno when will i see again afterwards.


Kfid said...

don't blame youths but let's pimpin them towards success. we're malaysian youths all over the world are working on repairing malaysians for the judgement day. when Islam overcome dajal's army.

ieja said...

i dont blame youth. i blame myself for being a MISTAKE in life.

Kfid said...

everybody commit mistakes. but we should learn from our mistakes. and we should not make the same errors. there's still plenty of time to recover.

me no spek inglish said...

me no spek english...hahahaha... yup that right,guide them...not condem...people learn from mistake..may ALLAH Bless us.. amin

guess who???

ciK_SaLmaH said...

dem..sape tu..hahahahaha...xreti teka