Friday, January 1, 2010

FirsT entRy of 2010....

New yeaR? no offense.
i dont have the guts to celebrate it.
no feeling.
no new wish.

i wonder. y peoples too eager to see the fireworks?
whats special bout that thing?
i was at the stall. when the clock hit 12am, 1st january of 2010.
nice date. 010110.
me n my two brothers were cleaning up the stall.
on the way to close it.
there were some fireworks at my place.
i heard peoples cheering..wooo here..wooo there.
myb its look romantic for couples.
myb it seems unique from the view of a toddler.
but not for me. myb not for today.
i dont know if my thoughts change later.
we never know.

the classes will start soon.
gonna face hectic schedule again.sigh!
might not have time to update this blog again. sigh again.
whatever it is.
still i want to give some hope.
make some wishes..
so that at the end of the year, i will see any hopes or wish dat been granted well.

i) keep relationship with Lord.
ii)gain pointer for next semester.
iii) tighten relationship with my dearie.(no more fight dear.=.=)
iv) try to be a good daughter( seems like...err...cannot:P)

hmm...not much hopes i want to give. i might break my own

hoping no more disaster occurs!
more happiness!


whatever it is..
HapPy New yEar of 2010 to evErybodY..
May aLL yoR wisheS come tRue..!

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