Tuesday, March 23, 2010

where is it?

it hurts to face this..but i know i have to be strong..

for my own sake.

Allah let this happend for me to be stronger than before.

"Allah wont let probs surrounded us unless we can survive it..Allah knows us best..He knows our strength."

for that, i try my best..

to be strong..

i try to be tough.

i try to smile in front of my frens, the camera, the family..

so dat they wont know how this broken heart had shattered into pieces.

eventough this all are hard.

it bleed inside..

nobody know.

only me n Allah.

between us.

my hand shaking writing this..

the tears keep dropping through..

i just need more strength..

dear God.

give me that strength..give me the courage to face all this..

im weak..melting with the tears..

hoping.. to be strong again..

i dont want to pretend like im happy.

i want to be happy without pretending like one.

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