Saturday, June 4, 2011

new work, more burden

it's been a while since my last post...loads of crazy things happened, not to forget, loads of busy days i have to go through. i think its two months. sometimes, i just felt gave up to write in this blog.but today, the guts come back...the soul fill the empty mind back.well, actually, today im not busy..that is why i use this time to write something..

it is 4 June, and i want to put something important notes in here for my future reading so that i will reminisce everything..

i am now starting to work with Vads Bhd. which is a subsidiary company of Telekom Malaysia (TM). just as a csr for streamyx product here. well many people might think, i studied in different course but i end up working in this area. Well people, CSR means customer service representative. n hotel management studies not just covered the physical thing of hotel building itself. the main core of hotel is to entertain their customer and have a retain customer so that their business can cope longer in the market. when im working in csr, its mean, im learning about customers' behavior. do have respect as im seeking for experience now. :) oh btw, i can gain more knowledge on technical stuff as we learn the TM products here.nice!

thats it for my work. we go further with my you all know, i have several good frens that we are meant to be sisters. which for us,no matter where or what each of us are, we still remain sisters. Allah had gave us one way to strengthen our relationship. he sent lack in health to one of us, which, made us become a better sister to each other and had prove how we are all complete each sound lesbian, but it just a sister's love though. i won' mention her name here. i just want her to know that we all love her and we know the decease will cure from time to time. its because, she's such a tough woman! she doesnt even show that she's not feeling well.

nothing more that i want to write here..i just finished my final year exam n start working after that, not to forget bout my birthday. i will upload the picture later. too lazy to take the camera n upload it here. then, oh and im starting my hobby to make(not baking coz its not using oven) cake. i found a recipe which doesn't need any use of oven. so i tried it and alhamdulillah i keep on receiving order from my colleagues. yet, it help me to survive from bankruptcy.haha..till now, im counting days to receive my first payment even though it is just a trainee amount (less than actual payment.have to wait the end of training to receive the actual amount)..only two months of training and insyaAllah will go on with the carier. wish me luck for every assesment i have to go through especially the mock call of customer. I'm too nervous to done it perfectly! Till then, meet you'll later. Salam

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