Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Dodging is What???"

I was reminiscing my first week at work.there was an incident that makes me laugh even though it has been some time..Lets ease your stress...

One fine day, there was a group of new trainees attending soft skills class.

The topic for that day was "How to handle customer".

While the trainer explain one point to another, a bombastic word pop up in the slide.

The trainer asked the class.

Mr. A: Ok class, who knows this word: this slide it said, never dodging the customer.

Trainees: ......

Mr. A: come on, its a simple word. ok anybody bring dictionary, find it now.

While some of the student open dictionary,

Miss L: Menganjing ke sir??

Everybody: Laughing Out Loud

****Ever since that day, whenever we want to "menganjing" orang, we use the word "dodging" instead.

Well, from my writing, it might not sound interesting nor funny. but we all laugh for it everytime we are using it..

To Miss L, you're always enlightened of the class. without u, the class may be boring till now ;)

no heart feeling okay :)

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