Monday, December 12, 2011

Never stop believing. Never stop doa.

There was a time when I felt so damn alone in this world.
eventhough im living with my parent.
Still, i do need a friend who will be there when im in need. 
who will be near to swept away all my sober.

In which he is not just a friend but my other soul.
its hard. its pathetic. its painful.
finding the right one is not like choosing fish in wet market.
searching soulmate is not like buying nasi lemak at gerai kak Kiah.
It takes time.
It takes minutes, hours, days, weeks, years!
Im holding to one path.
which I found this words and I edited it into a picture:

When I really feel down, I kneel down to Him begging to give me one.
when i feel needy, I plead to Him to grant my wishes.
I cried which only Him can know how hurt it is to wait and wait.
to be patient in pain.
to be happy in sad.
to pretend to smile in crying.
Up until one time..
when I feel my sober was useless, when i felt maybe i just need to stop coz He knows whats best for me.
He grant me a man.
which i never thought will ever be in my life.
even though I have known him for years.
He grant me a man with all that I wish for.
He grant me a friend which can be there when I need one.

I dunno how to say.
The doa is actually works.
and it is indeed, Will be granted when He knows when to give it.

All I want to say here is,
don't ever give up to doa.
He will grant it in His way.
Because He knows whats best for us.

You guys out there, 
dont ever stop doa.
doa as many as u can.
This is just a piece of notes for others.
for u to not forget Allah in any circumstances.
Coz He will be here all the time by our side.

Dont think your doa will never granted.
He just need time to fulfill it.
because He knows you the best!