Friday, August 5, 2011

Allah taught me a lesson today..

Its meal break time during my working hours..

Fia: Filzah, today our colleagues want to breaking fast together. you wanna join us?

**I'm thinking of my mum, this morning I had asked her to cook me "ayam masak lemak cili padi"
as i'm afraid my mum is going to feel upset if i'm breaking fast with my friends, i refuse to follow the event

Me: sorry Fia, i promised my mum to breaking fast with her.she cook my favourite dish today. i must put my mum first before friends

Fia: its okay, yeah you should think about your mum first.

Me:  ya, family is important.friend doesn't..if i lost my friends, i still have family.


Later that day, after my shift end, i cant find my motorcycle key.

I did search everywhere.its about 1 hour i try to search but i cant found it. the maghrib is like half an hour to go.


While searching in the office, 1 of my colleagues (Anum) saw me still not going back. I told her I lost my key. then she left. i just continue to search for it.
the key still not around office. i fed up. i walk out and go to my motor.
i saw all my friends are there.
I just knew that Anum told everybody and they helped me out.**So touched**
Then unfortunately my hp also has no battery.
Fia borrowed me her phone to tell my dad. **another touched scene** T_T
after talking with dad, they try to coax me to break the fast first and then try to search the key back as maghrib is just around the corner.
I refuse. i dont have mood anymore to eat. i just stand silently, while keep thinking what to do.
Suddenly, my heart told me to try search again.
This time I went to nearest ATM which I had accompanied Fia during meal break. still. did not found anything.

I walk from the ATM to the lobby of my office, i thought at that time, I could give an announcement at the office, maybe someone found it.

**before i went to the lift, i saw the guards. i went to them and ask if anybody dropped motor key at them

**With Allah's will, the key actually with the guards!I thanks the guards also

I walked out the office building, and i saw my friends still waiting for me **im soooo touched**

I thought they have gone to break their fast.

Then we went breaking fast together.

in the end, i did not make it to break the fast with my family but with my friends and trainer.
Thank you Anum, Fia, Yati, Aishah, Safuan, and you guys!
The moral of the story:  Don't brag that only family can help you.friends also are important. do appreciate everybody around you. we don't know, how Allah grant us a great relationship and will always need them while we are in need

P/s: but remember, don't left your friend when they are in need! don't be selfish!


asila ashira said...

t0uching ak mbaceye!!!hee~
friends = family too...
family = my friend too...

Filzah anNafi' said...

huhu..yeah that's what we should always think...i was more to my family without thinking, friends are also important!