Saturday, February 27, 2010

The New mE

Now its 4am. I had talked with him.
i feel sorry to his girlfren for being the third party in her relationship.
I can feel how a woman feels when their man cheated with another woman.
So I made up my mind.
Be strong, be patient.
This is just a part of my life.
There is hikmah besides all this.
I know I can do it.
Thanx to him. Thanx for the willingness to talk with me n give me explanations.
I feel like im a better person now. Im not feeling lost anymore.
I think I can plan whatever I wanna do. I can manage everything right.
I want to be Filzah again.
Filzah whom is very strong, not sensitive.
Filzah whom is active, talkative, hilarious, and being love by everybody especially :D
I’ll prove it to everybody. I’ll prove it to myself!
Im not a loser.
Im not a loser.
Im not a loser.
Here I come world, im back! (^.^)_\/


Anonymous said...
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ashira asila said...

YA...its u filzah...
da strong gurl...
ingt...ur fwenz alwez wif u dear..
wif l0ve n hug!!!muachh cyg...